Who is NHASBO?

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New Hampshire Association of School Business Officials (NHASBO) is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of fostering the improvement of
business administration in New Hampshire schools.

Founded in 1975, NHASBO is a professional association of more than 160 New Hampshire school business management
professionals and affiliates. The mission of NHASBO is to ensure excellence in the practice of school business management to
benefit the educational community.

The New Hampshire Association of School Business Officials is committed to providing for the education of its membership by:

• Exchanging information, techniques and methodology among its members; between its members and other federal, state, and local government agencies, and between its members and businesses,
professions and trades.
• Supporting educational programs leading to certification or re-certification as a New Hampshire School Business Administrator.
• Sponsoring, and jointing with other associations to sponsor, continuing education in administrative practice, law, methodology and management of school business affairs.

Providing leadership in the improvement and advancement of sound business administration in schools by:

• Supporting professional education and experiential requirement for Business Administrators, Finance and Personnel Professional and other school business personnel.
• Giving public voice to the Association membership’s opinion on matters and issues that affect education and school business affairs in New Hampshire.
• Promoting close and continuous cooperation, communication, and partnerships including the development of protocols for the formal exchange of views when appropriate, between (and among) the Association and other Education-related Associations and Organization.