Strategic Plan

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New Hampshire Association of School Business Officials
Strategic Planning Outcomes

Our mission is to ensure excellence in the practice of school business management to benefit the educational community.


Structure of Organization
An organization that promotes the development and professional growth of school business officials and related positions


➢ Increase membership with a critical eye toward professional diversity.
➢ Increase opportunities for active participation by:
Quality programming
• Skills/knowledge mining
• Connect with history of the organization
• Bring programs to the field
➢ Promote collegiality within the organization.
➢ Increase value to own job.

Primary Resource

➢ Become the premier professional development provider for the practice of school business management.
➢ Form a data warehouse to share information.
➢ Implement a structured form of mentor-ship for all levels of the association.
➢ Become the primary resource/help desk for:
Technical assistance
• Connections
• Various constituent groups
• Partnerships with allied associations

Be recognized by State organizations for:

➢ Leadership
➢ Knowledge
➢ Support
➢ Resources
➢ Serve as a model for other states to follow